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High production rates for complex parts require reusable masking solutions with a high level of accuracy.


LESCAV has the capacity to design and to manufacture high-precision, industrial silicone masks in the shortest possible timeframe. LESCAV’s main objective is to provide solutions that offer the best masking during maintenance and reinforcement treatments for components with the highest quality requirements.


These solutions are more efficient, functional, safer, and long lasting than the traditional tape-based masking solution.

Needed in a wide variety of industries

Our timeline, from concept to product

  • design phase: close collaboration and exchange of information between LESCAV and the client for a customized design
  • prototyping: prototype masks are developed and tested by the client
  • feedback from the client (adaptations to the mould and masks still possible)
  • client validation
  • production in large or limited quantities, reusable or non-reusable

Our range of products

  • 1. Tooling components for special treatments
    • Silicone tooling components
      • Protection for special treatmentsProtecting parts in-factory
      • Moulds and injection on parts
      • Made-to-measure protective masking
    • Anti-vibration bands
    • Made-to-measure plugs and seals
  • 2. Applying silicone to parts
    • Silicone spraying
    • Silicone injection
    • High-temperature protection
  • 3. Industrial trucks
  • 4. Reusable transportation crates

Why choose silicone protection masking?

  • high accuracy
  • customized design
  • customized recipe
  • easy to apply
  • no tape consumption
  • no clean-up

Our production methods

LESCAV uses different types of hardware to produce your moulds.


3D printers and CNC machines play an essential role in the production of the moulds used for the silicone protection masks. LESCAV operates all the necessary hardware to respond to customer requirements for silicone protection masks in a short period of time.

3D printer:

  • Non-stop, continuous production of moulds (24/7)
  • Precision: 100 microns, by default
  • Ideal for manufacturing or customising moulds



  • Used for more complex designs of moulds with larger dimensions