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Silicone solutions for thermal spraying processes

LESCAV specialises in industrial silicone masking solutions to cover certain areas of components being treated with thermal spraying processes like HVOF, HVAF and plasma.


To this end, we design moulds and customized silicone protection masks in close collaboration with our clients, optimally adapted to their specific projects.


Our clients come from a wide variety of industries - aerospace, aeronautical, automotive, maritime, and medical - placing their trust in our knowledge and know-how.


Welcome to the world of LESCAV’s silicone masking solutions!


Who are we?

We are LESCAV, a Belgian-based family company. LESCAV, a new division under the PRINTING INTERNATIONAL GROUP, specialises in mould design and in mould construction for silicone protection masks that are used during reinforcement processes and special treatments of components in the aerospace, aeronautical, automotive, railway, maritime and medical industries.


LESCAV has been serving this niche market for the past 10 years.


Our engineering office will work hand in hand with your design teams to quickly propose creative solutions. Depending on your needs, we can start from the design, prototyping, validation or production phase.

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A keen eye for detail, efficiency and cost.

We care about the details. The success of a silicone masking solution is the result of a close collaborative design process between the operator’s teams and mask designers. The mask designer needs to fully understand all the details of the special treatment process in order to design a silicone mask which will sustain that process.


Pre-formed silicone-based masking solutions can significantly reduce operation time and costs during the preparation cycle of the special surface treatment. They can also increase the consistency of the process quality, as the masks are always reproduced in an identical shape through the moulding process.

Why choose us?

Know-how! Our design & development team has the skills, experience and know-how to carry out complex operations and to oversee any phase of the process, paying attention to every significant detail. 


Safety first! We guarantee absolute reliability and perfect traceability by following strict processes and rigorous quality controls, in accordance with the ISO 9001 CERTIFICATE. Currently, we are in the final stage of achieving an even higher-level ISO certificate.


Innovation! We keep on innovating in our engineering, in our use of materials and through perfecting our techniques in domains and markets outside of the aerospace industry. 

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The way we think is the way we work.

We believe in and we stand for dialogue and open communication between entities. Our R&D and engineering departments offer creative, customised solutions to the challenges you face. Thanks to a particularly close collaboration with our partners, we are able to take on board all the details of both the components you wish to treat and the techniques you’re using in order to achieve your goal. Only in this way can we, together, manufacture the best silicone solution for your project.

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